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Differential Geometry Book

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    Hi everyone.

    I am a senior undergrad math major and I'm looking for a Differential Geometry book to self-study. I have studied most/all of the other undergrad topics: algebra; real and complex analysis; point-set topology; etc.
    Any recommendations? Thanks
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    whatever book you try, make sure it cover the manifold approach, since its the very heart of geo-diff
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    Elements of Differential Geometry by Millman & Parker. Covers the usual local and global theories of curves and surfaces as well as manifolds.
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    Ok, thanks Daverz. Dr Carlson's review on amazon.com has convinced me to get this book. Can you recommend a book to follow this one?
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    Differential Forms and Connections by R. W. R. Darling
    Differential Geometry: Curves - Surfaces - Manifolds by K├╝hnel
    Riemannian Geometry by do Carmo

    Or you could go more in the direction of manifolds, topology, or differential equations.
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    Introduction to smooth manifolds, by John M. Lee. And Riemannian manifolds: an introduction to curvature, by the same author. Both are excellent. The latter covers connections, covariant derivative, parallel transport and curvature. The former covers everything else: Manifolds, tensor fields, Lie groups, differential forms, integration on manifolds, etc.
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    Thank-you Daverz and Fredrik. Looks like I have plenty of reading!
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