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Homework Help: Differential qoutient

  1. Nov 4, 2005 #1
    Simplify the differential qoutient like this (f(x+h)-f(x)) / h
    and the qoute is f(x) = 5x^2

    Please Help I don't know how to do this!!
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    Didn't you forget a limit for h going to zero? Put in the function then...
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    You mean "difference quotient". You don't yet have a "differential" because, as TD said, you haven't taken the limit.

    All we can say is "do what you are told!"

    f(x)= 5x^2 so f(x+h)= 5(x+h)^2. Calculate that.
    f(x+h)- f(x)= what you just did, minus 5x^2.

    Last thing to do is divide by h.
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