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Differential Question

  1. Apr 12, 2010 #1

    I have a quick question about a differential made up of 4 bevel gears. Say there are two axles which go into either side of the differential as shown in the diagram. Both axles have a pin mounted at the end to track its position radially, initially both pins point up.


    You then start to turn either axle, with the inner cricle (A) fixed within inner circle (B). The other axle will rotate too. I understnad up to this point.

    However, say you rotate inner circle (A) within inner circle (B), whilst rotating the axle. Will this alter the relationships between the axles? More speicifcally, will it cause the pins to not line up anymore on the axles.

    I could really do with help understanding this. If im not explaining myself well enough, please say and I will try again.
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