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Homework Help: Differentiating electromagnetic field

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    For question 3, i don't know ho to differentiate the electromagnetic field. Can someone help me?

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    It's question 2
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    If F(x,y,z,t) the "total derivative of F is:
    [tex]\frac{\partial F}{\partial x}dx+\frac{\partial F}{\partial y}dy+\frac{\partial F}{\partial z}dz+\frac{\partial F}{\partial t}dt[/tex]
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    help with #2 not #3

    I put the wrong question number down. It's #2 that I need help with. Can someone help?
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    Odd. Your second post telling us that it is "problem 2 not problem 3" appears after my post but with an earlier "time stamp".

    In any case, I have already given the general formula for "total differential". You might also want to know that, for a vector valued function E, [tex]\frac{\partial(E.E)}{\partial x}= 2E.\frac{\partial E}{\partial x}[/tex]. That should be all you need.
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