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Homework Help: Differentiation dp/dv

  1. Dec 18, 2004 #1
    Given that pV=3600, find the value of[tex]\frac{dp}{dV}[/tex] when p= 40
    I don't even know where to start?
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  3. Dec 18, 2004 #2
    Find the value of V when p = 40, then evaluate dp/dV using your value of V.
  4. Dec 18, 2004 #3
    Do you mean 40p = 3600?
    Sorry I don't understand. My teacher doesn't teach very well.
  5. Dec 18, 2004 #4
    No, set p = 40 so you get 40V = 3600 and solve for V. Then write p in terms of V, differentiate and then plug in your value of V.
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    [tex] Vp(V)=3600;p(V)=\frac{3600}{V} [/tex].

    Question:what is [tex] \frac{dp(V)}{dV} [/tex] ??

  7. Dec 18, 2004 #6
    Got it. Thanks. Last question. Why do I have to find V? Or how do I know I have to find V?
  8. Dec 18, 2004 #7
    Well because you're asked to find a value for dp/dV and your expression for dp/dV will be in terms of V and not p.
  9. Dec 18, 2004 #8
    Oh right. Thanks a lot. Really appreciate it.
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