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Differentiation Formula

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    Hey there, this should be a very simple problem, but again, I havent had much guidance in finding formulas with differentiation. If anyone could help me with this i'd greatly appreciate it as it can help me to understand the others.

    Characteristics of SHM are displacement (x) and time (t)

    x = Asin(wt)

    Velocity, V = dx/dt

    Find a formula for velocity in SHM.

    Im really confused as to what they're looking for.

    Could it be that I simply need to do this?

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    First a "differential" or "derivative" is NOT a "differential equation". I am moving this to "Calculus".

    I don't see how you got the "x" inside the cos like that!

    V= dx/dt= d(sin(wt))/dt. Now use the chain rule.
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