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Difficult but intriguing surface area problem

  1. Apr 28, 2008 #1
    Hello. I have an interesting problem. Imaging a long hollow tube (cylindrical), that has a hole drilled into the the side of the tube where the drilled hole diameter happens to be the diameter of the inside diameter of the tube. A piston is pushed into the tube to cover up the drilled hall and then withdrawn until the end of the cylinder is distance d from the furthest point of the drilled hole in the tube. What is the calculation of the surface area that the piston uncovers of the drilled hole? I suspect it might be an integral of the arcs that are uncovered.

    I am using this in the real world device we have created which uses a stepper motor to move the cylinder to set the hole gap by a varying amount.

    Any solution?

    - 73, de David, VK3DRB
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