Difficult equation

Hi all,

I have a complicated equatation :

since i can not solve it for 'x',
i tried using the Microsoft Exell feature : Tools --> Gool Seek ,
but this method does not work for some values for the coeficients.

Could someone provide link to free software,
solving that kind of equation by approximation ?

p.s. i saw this section of the forum is not for such questions, so
mods may move my subject if deemed necessery
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Search for WxMaxima...its freeware and very powerful
There's no algebraic way to solve for x; any solution of that would have to be done numerically. I'm guessing that in most cases there isn't a unique solution, either.
Thanks, guys!

I managed to trick the MS Exell by substitution 'x' with another variable,
which is dependent of the coefficient and times per 'x', so the ms exell 'goal search' increment
now works fine without jumping over the right solution.

Anyhow I will check the freeware mentioned.


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