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Homework Help: Difficult equilibrium question

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    8.0 mole of O2(g) is mixed with 10.0 moles of SO2(g) in a 2.0L container forming SO3(g). If 3.0 moles/L of SO3(g) remains at equilibrium. 1.0 mol/L of SO2(g) is removed from the equilibrium, calculate the new eq'm [ ]'s.

    So I make the rice table

    3O2(g) + SO2(g) <--> 2SO3(g)
    r 3 .... : .... 1 .... : 2
    4.0M .... 5.0M .... 0M (shift right)
    c -3x .... -3x .... +2x
    e 4.0 -3x .... 5.0-3x .... 2x

    what do I do now?
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    Guise I need help on this homework question please, it's really bothering me and I am stuck.
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    What were the concentrations of all gases before SO2 was removed? Can you calculate them from the stoichiometry? After they are calculated - can you use them to calculate equilibrium constant?

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