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Difficult project decision

  1. Mar 20, 2012 #1
    Hey guys, I have a good job lined up for me after I graduate with a good company, i am currently 8 months away from graduation. I have a diffcult desicion to make about my final year project. I have been offered projects from two companies and one of them is the one i start working for at the start of next year while the other one is a small based company.

    so i was wondering if it is better to choose the small based company option because i could add it on my CV that i worked with another company. or should i choose the other project because it would help me elevate within the company faster. there are other factors which are also making this decision difficult for me. so which option would be better for me?

    I appreciate any help offered
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    Id go for the second project. People have lots of different jobs in their life and diversity on your CV is a must. Also, you make more contacts that way and even if they are a small company networking never hurts. You are also likely to gain skills and experience that will help in your future job that are maybe different than if you stick with the company who have offered a job (you'll gain those skills at the job company anyway so working with the other company might give you exposure to different skills).
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    First off I would make a decision like that based on what you know about the projects themselves. Assuming they're equally interesting, how likely is it that you're going to work long-term (say at least four years) at the company you've been hired at?

    If that's at least moderately likely, I would go for the project with that company. It will help you with learning about them. It will give you skills that you know you are going to use (as opposed to skills you might use). It demonstrates committment to the company. In four plus years, potential employers aren't going to care too much about the details school project if you have four years of experience on larger scale projects.
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