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DIffraction and Waves

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    jimmy p

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    As part of my a-level physics, i have been asked to understand interference and diffraction. I kind of get interference , but i would like to know what thet requirements for 'two source and single source double slit systems for the production of fringes. also could anyone explain how to derive the equation ë = ws/D which is to do with the above problem. Also could someone explain 'the plane transmission diffraction grating at normail incidence'

    Those quotes were taken directly from the syllabus so please dont ask me what it means!!!

    Thanx for any input
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    When in doubt, try hyperphysics:


    A diffraction grating is a piece of glass or plastic with a lot of little parallel lines cut into it, like a picket fence. Light diffracts around the lines. Normal incidence means that the grating is held exactly perpendicular to the light source, so the light hits it "straight-on," rather than at an angle.

    - Warren
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    jimmy p

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    ok thanx for that, ill have a looky at the site and see what i can find on it
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