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Homework Help: Diffraction Grating lab

  1. May 7, 2008 #1
    You find two unlabelled diffraction gratings in your lab. From purchase records, you know that one grating has 5000 lines/cm, while the other has 10 000 lines/cm. Given the following equipment, describe how you would determine which is the grating with 10 000 lines/cm:
    • Red laser
    • detection screen
    • the two unknown diffraction gratings
    describe what difference you would observe.
    n = d sin(theta)
    d=1/5*105 = 2*10-6
    d=1/1*106= 10-6
    I don’t know how to start can someone give me any idea about this question
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    At what angle would you see the first maximum for the 5000 line grating? At what angle would you see the first maximum for the 10000 line grating?

    If you had a screen, say, 10 m away from the 5000 line grating, how far would the central maximum be from the first, second and nth maximas? What about for the 10000 line grating?
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    You missed a [tex]\lambda[/tex] in your equation. It should read

    [tex] n \lambda = d sin(\theta) [/tex]

    Anyway, what do you expect the difference between the interference patterns to be when you shine the laser on the two different gratings? Where is the first order (n=1) maximum with each grating?

    And I see oedipa maas just posted similar remarks. . .
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    thats what i got
    suppose the wavelength= 1cm = 1*10^-9
    and m= 1
    when d= 2*10^-6 m/line
    theta= 0.029

    when d= 10^-6
    theta= 0.057
    that's all what i got
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