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Diffraction Gratings

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    Dear all
    I've been pondering this problem for a while but am daunted by the maths I suspect is required.

    Consider the irradiance from a diffraction grating:

    I=I0(sinB/B)^2 . (sin Na/sin a)^2

    where a=0.5kdsin(theta)

    I0= max irradiance
    N= No of slits
    k= wavevenumber
    d= distance between adjascent slits
    theta= angle of diffraction
    w= width of anyone slit

    My question is how to derive a similar equation for a grating in which the slit separtion is not uniform but is instead, a function of y (the distance along the length of the grating).

    Any help would be grately appreciated.

    Many thanks
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