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Homework Help: Diffraction Patterns Question

  1. Sep 23, 2008 #1
    OK, I'm working on a homework problem and I'm a little stuck.

    You want to detect th efringes in he diffraction pattern produced by sunlight passing through a fine slit in the blinds covering a window. You have available a filter that blocks all wavelengths except 550nm, and you place this filer over the slit.

    a) Will you be able to detect diffraction fringes if the width of the slit is 0.1mm?
    Tke into account that the Sun's angulr diameter is about 1/2deg.
    b)Will you be able to detect fringes if the wdth of the slit is 0.01mm?
    c)Will you be able to detect diffraction fringes if you remove the filter?

    -Can you just use asin(theta)=lambda and plug in the information?
    -for part c, this means to confirm if the fringes are visible at any wavelength other than 550nm?

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