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Diffusion of H2 into Air.

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    I have calculated the coefficient of diffusion of H2 into Air and He into Air as Hirschfelder do so based on Lennard Jones Potential in his book about "Molecular Theory of Gases and Liquids". My figures are:

    [tex]D_{H_2-Air}=7,78 \cdot 10^{-5} m^2/s[/tex]

    [tex]D_{He-Air}=7,17 \cdot 10^{-5} m^2/s[/tex]

    both of them for [tex]T=300K[/tex] and [tex]P=1atm[/tex]. I am looking for experimental validation. I have searched in the web for tables, and in my library for handbooks, but I have not found any interesting. Do you have some experimental table which can confirm my calculated coefficients?

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