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Difine physcis in your way.

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    Define physics in your way.

    Just define it in your way. I want to hear it's answer from everybody.
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    It's like spelling, only harder.
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    Don't the words spelled wrongly have red squiggles under them anyway?

    AnYwAy... In my opinion, Physics is the study of fundamentals in the universe.
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    that is physics
    Now what's your view
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    "Define" is spelled wrongly too.
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    A never ending adventure of asking how and why all that exists happens.

    Its the ultimate adventure mmm after sex i guess.
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    In The Evolution of Physics Einstein characterized physics as the continuing attempt of the human mind to get its thinking about natural phenomena in line with what's actually happening in nature.

    I thought that was spot on, and that's the definition I subscribe to.
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    This thread is a wedge for religious claims. Locked.
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