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Medical Digest? Chicken Bone

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    I swallowed a bone by accident. It became stuck in my throat, but then I swallowed some rice and it went down. (it was haphazardly mixed with rice that I was eating and I don't know how it got there) I am just scared that it's going to do hurt me internally.
    I feel fine but, I was wondering if a doctor can do anything.......

    I picked another bone out of the rice that scared me. It was really sharp and about 1/2 inch long.

    Would my stomach acids digest it?
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    The danger is of it getting stuck in your throat...especially the sharp pointy ones as they head on the way down! I think it'll digest okay if it got down to your stomach (and wasn't sharp and pointy). You'd know pretty quickly if it was causing trouble because you'd be feeling the pain.
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    apparently you're not supposed to feed your animals chicken bones, either, if they're cooked. something about cooking hardens them.

    normally, though, acid makes them rubbery.
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    yeah cooked bones are a bad idea. How big was it? Any abdominal pain go to the doc immediately.
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    Ah...but if I felt that it was prickly in my throat then I can assume it was sharp. (like a fish bone)

    I don't know. I do know that it did get stuck in my throat for a bit until, I ate that spoonful of rice that pushed it down. The other one that i found in the bowl of rice, was what got me scared. It was 1/2 inch long and it would be identical to a toothpick in sharpness. :frown:

    I feel sort of odd (stomach), but not sure if it's psycological.
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    I feel fine now. I think it would have gone through my system by now.
    (don't ask) It usually takes 1-2 days for stuff to go through my system.

    No pain or odd feelings in gastro intestinal system.

    I'll have to be more careful next time.
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