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Digital Camera Problems

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    Hey guys;

    I'm having an add problem with my digital camera. It's an Olympus C-50 Zoom. I plug it into my USB port, and it says "New Hardware Found", then it shows that it recognizes it as what it is, the digital camera, then it says it found a "USB Mass Storage Device". It shows no errors, and everything seems fine.

    But I can't get the pictures off of my camera! I look in My Computer and it doesn't show any folders where it would be storing the pictures. It doesn't show any additional disk drive, etc.

    Does anyone know how I can get my pictures off of the camera? This is WinXP btw :) Thank you kindly.
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    Did it come with any software/drivers? It would be nice if it didn't require it (it shouldn't need it), but it might anyway.
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