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'Digital Executive' Interview

  1. Apr 1, 2013 #1
    Hi all,

    The best friend of a partner of a relative (networking!) will be looking for a 'digital executive' at entry level in a few months. My name (and lack of job, probably) was mentioned and this employer said she'd interview me.

    I don't have many details yet but it seems 'digital executive' is a fancy name for 'someone to gather data on the use of our website, torture it for its secrets, then suggest things to achieve company goals based on the data's confessions'.

    Thing is, I don't really think I have the tools for the job. [I have made no secret about being of no statistical use to anyone right now but there you go.]

    I am doing a part-time maths and stats degree. I have only done (introductory) sequences, matrices, vectors, differentiation and integration. In statistics I have only done/am doing the usual introductory stuff: basic probability, a bunch of tests for hypotheses, basic modelling, regression, and some basic data analysis with Minitab. That's it really. I don't suppose there'll be many hypotheses to be tested...

    I don't want to seem ungrateful. More seriously, I don't want to turn down my first ever opportunity for a crack at a data-related job. I can handle looking like a moron at interview. I might as well leave it to them to boot me out of the race, rather than not apply.

    The job apparently will have some training but I don't know how much and in what.

    I need a job, and ultimately want to be a statistician so this seems like a good opportunity. I would love any advice from anyone who has done this sort of thing in any capacity. If I can answer questions about the sort of things that might be relevant without a "Huh?" then hopefully they might see promise and train me up.

    Based on my non-existent knowledge (there is no job advert/description yet) and the fact the term 'Google analytics' came up, my plan is to read up about/watch You Tube tutorials on/play around with:

    >Google analytics - I know nothing about this

    >Microsoft Excel - I am aware of what one does with this but have never really used it

    >A database (either Access or SQL?) - these things store information. That's all I know

    >>And go back and make sure I can talk clearly, concisely - and correctly! - about all the basic statistical/probability tests/models I have studied so far.

    Sorry for the long post; I figure more data is better data ;) And this could be a real shot to get into a data-focussed role and get out of my "Mom's" basement (spare room) - despite having done less than the freshman year of my degree.

    Thankyou in advance.

    P.S. 'You are in over your head, don't get a name in your network as being clueless at interview' is an acceptable response, if legitimate.
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