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Digital Force meter

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    hey, i am a sophomore engineering student and i was looking to make a project this summer, for some extra credit, so i had in mind a device that measures force in certain situations, as an example if we have a machine ( with pulleys and machines) with 2 sides, one side is where the force is applied and the side where a certain weight is lifted, due to the friction and other losses in gears and pulleys, there is an extra force required, this device is used to measure this force, of course i will be adding other modes to measure force in other situations like presses and other machines, but it's mainly used to measure force in the industrial scale ( it doesn't have the theory of operation of the common digital force meter), problem is i dont have much experience in this field and i needed to ask a couple of questions:
    firstly, is there anything like this right now? ( as i said i am only looking for extra credit and not for a patent or a new invention, but it will be cool if i knew i was doing something new)
    secondly and most important, is it worth while? i dont like to make a project even if it was to pass time in the summer if it was worthless.
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    Google search for:
    "pull load cell" (A few hundred US Dollars)
    - OR -
    "fish scale" (10 to 50 US Dollars)
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