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Digital Goniometer

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    Hi guys, I am a student of Biomedical Engineering and am in my 2nd year. I am supposed to make a Digital Goniometer, for those who want to know what Goniometer is:


    Now mostly there are mechanical types of goniometer and we make them electrical by attaching batteries to it and then we get the access to measure the voltage changes by the movement of our arm.

    I have decided to make such a Goniometer which will include a double digit seven segment display which will be attached to the goniometer through a Potentiometer, as the arm will move, so will the potentiometer and the voltages will vary according to the change in resistance and the voltage to be displayed in the 7 segment display.

    Can anyone please help how to build such a circuit involving 2 seven segment displays to be controlled by a single Potentiometer (POT). I have been searching for different ciruits on google for the last couple of days but stiil I'm unable to find a decent circuit which would give what I really need.

    Thanks !
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