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Digital magnetometer

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    I am interested in building a device that can give the local magnetic field in 3D. I'd like for the display to be digital not a mechanical gauge. I would not want to use any sensors or microcontrollers for that matter, but make it with gates and everything. If you do know how to make it with microcontrollers, please share, as I could probably take the commands from the microcontroller and make it do the same but not using the microcontroller.

    Tutorials or guides would be very useful.
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    Thanks, but do you know anything else, as in guides for it? I would like for it not to be premade, but rather make it myself.
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    DIY Magnetometer?


    how can i build a digital display magnetometer from scratch? No sensors I mean.

    Or could you point me to some pages that explain how a magnetometer really works and that I could replicate myself?

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    DIY Magnetometer?


    Does anyoneknow how can i make my own digital(7 segmentis fine) 3D magnetometer from scrath? No sensors or controllers.

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    Re: DIY Magnetometer?

    No sensors is going to be tricky - what do you call the bit that senses the field?

    edit - just saw your other post.
    You could use three hall effect sensors at right angles and read the values into an ADC yourself.
    Honeywell make a whole set of 1/2/3d packages.
    If you want to make a compass you will also need accurate tilt sensors to determine the orientation for the z field
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    You can't make a Hall probe yourself (unless you have a well equiped clean-room at home, which I doubt).
    The only type of magnetometer I knpow of that you could potentially make yourself would be something based on a moving (e.g. rotating) coil; although it won't be very sensitive and making something that can sense in 3D would be very tricky (and probably quite large)
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