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Digital microscope: A question

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    I'm hoping this is the best forum for this...

    I'm considering buying a digital microscope for my lab. Specifically I'm looking at this model:
    The reason I'm looking at this is that it's both portable, small and comes with a monitor (so I don't need a PC next to it).

    Now, I'm not so sure how these things work in terms of magnification and working distance.
    As far as I can tell from the images and the user manual, in terms of optics you can only control the "magnification" of the scope.
    I'm wondering what this means as far as focusing on the sample goes. Would I be correct to assume that there is a one-to-one correspondence between the magnification setting and the working distance (at which the image will be focused)? So I can't stay at the same distance but change the magnification?

    If I'm right then this means that at any given distance there is only one possible magnification. How can I estimate the magnification at a specific distance? I can't get an answer from the seller...
    And If I'm wrong, then how does it work exactly?

    Thanks :)
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    It looks like it might be a fixed working distance, with the clear plastic tube in contact with the sample.
    Looks like a good idea if you need small portable on-site inspection but for general lab use I would have thought a regular microscope + digital camera would be better/cheaper
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