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Digital Physics

  1. Mar 28, 2006 #1
    I wasn't sure where to drop this topic, so I figured General would be the best place. Anyway, here goes. I'm majoring in Physics/Mathematics and I need to begin work on my thesis soon. Only problem is I don’t have a topic. Whilst trying to find some problems and areas that link automata and physics I came across “Digital Physics.” This field is entirely new to me, and it seems to be new to science as well. Does anyone know about this field? If so, where can I get some good information about it, because I have yet to find any? Thanks in advance.
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    Interesting paradigm as it may be, it is a "fringe topic" for the moment. I don't think you'll find a position, as an aspiring graduate or postdoc, to do "digital physics" anywhere. That doesn't mean that pondering the subject isn't interesting, but I'd say that you better take something more "mainstream" to do your work in!
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