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Digital Picture Orbs

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    Does anybody have a logical explanation to what those little white things on digital pictures are? I figured they can't be dust on the camera lens because they come out in a different place of the photo even if 2 photos are taken one after each other. Anybody, any ideas?

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    They are internal reflections off of lens elements in front of the focal plane. They occur in all cameras, not just digital ones. The reason they seem to move about randomly is because their positioning on the focal plane is extremely sensitive to the position and angle of the camera. If you're hand-holding your camera, it's likely that the camera moves enough from one frame to the next to move these little reflections.

    - Warren
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    Well, gee, if you watched enough daytime TV talkshows, you'd know they are ghosts or spirits! :biggrin: But if you want to be serious, you'll have to listen to chroot :rolleyes:
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