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Digital sampling

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    Can someone define the process of digital sampling for me, perhaps a website with some info on it. I'm writing a term paper and I keep running into sampler adds, but no concrete facts. What is the function of sampler?

    I'm referring to a device that turns an analog recording into a digital file, what's the process called, where can i hear more about it? A quote would be nice!

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    You want an analogue to digital convertor. The process is called pulse code modulation and it's ingenious and very simple. You assign a discrete voltage to a specific band/range of analogue voltages (or any other quantity), and then give each of these bands its own binary weight/code. Shazzam, you have a digital signal.
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    The process is called analog-to-digital conversion. The chips which do this work are called analog-to-digital converters (ADCs).

    - Warren
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