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Digital scratch pad?

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    I use a LOT of paper to do scratch work for school (math/physics especially). Instead of using so much paper, is there a digital version of paper where I can maybe use a stylus-type utencil as a digital writing tool for the "digital paper" and erase easily/prevent accidental erasures, maybe some undo functions and the ability to "scroll" to a larger sheet of paper? Something like an iPad might be too small but I've never owned one so I can't tell its size, but it's sure as heck expensive to use as just a digital scratch paper. Is there anything built specifically for mathematicians or students?
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    You won't likely find many good cheap options. Tablets are not specializing yet because they are still new and companies want a broad market.

    The Galaxy has a stylus and very good reviews
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    I guess tablets are expensive because of all the extra features...I don't need any software/programs or internet/wifi on the thing, but if old school writing on looseleaf is still faster than this tablet thing, then I guess I'll stick to killing trees for now.
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    I used to just go to the recycling bins around the printers / photocopiers at my school, grab a bunch of discarded single-sided print outs (or better yet, pages with pretty minimal printing), and then staple them together. Lots of offices also have old glue-bound stationary they'd be happy to part with, as do take-out restaurants. Once used up, I just dumped them back off in the recycling bins from whence they came. Good for your homework, good for your municipality and the environment!
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