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Digital Sums in Mathematica

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    Which command in Mathematica will give me the sum of the digits of a number in base 10? Thanks.
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    So you want it to give you something like this:

    Input: 380234
    Output: 20
    Input: 32138
    Output: 17

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    Yes, exactly. Do you know how that is done?
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    I had already found that; nothing happens when I plug that into Mathematica. I entered:

    Code (Text):
    s[3^14, 10] := Plus @@ IntegerDigits[3^14, 10]
    and then nothing came out. Is this the correct way to enter it? For this example I was trying to compute the sum of the digits of 314 in base 10. Thanks.
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    That's because you're attempting to define a "function" and haven't asked Mathematica to do anything with it.

    For a quick answer, just copy and paste the right side into an input line and evaluate it.
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