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Dihydrogen Trioxide (H2O3)

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    I'm kinda ignorant towards chemistry, and what I've found leaves me with confusion, so I'm asking you guys the following questions:
    - Is H2O3 good for the human body? I've read some stuff, but the contradictions were suspicious.
    - If it's good, is it possible to create @ home? If it is, then how?

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    I can't imagine it staying together in water for long enough for you to swallow it
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    Even if it existed.. it wouldn't be stable - what a double peroxide bond?
    It would probably be a strong oxidizer, and oxidizers, such as peroxide, and a few others are pretty bad for the body - this is why Anti-oxidants are supposed to be good for you, prevent aging and all that crap.

    Where did you even hear about H2O3? Are you sure you aren't thinking of H3O- which forms in acidic solutions...
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