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Dillution of a gas

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1. Homework Statement
Nitrogen dioxide reacts with water in the atmosphere to produce acid rain.
4N02(g)+2H20(g)+O2(g)------> 4HNO3(g)
assuming that the temperature and the pressure remain constant, calculate the volume of air at 1 atm, 20oC, necessary to dilute the HNO3(g) to 0.050 ppm(by volume) when 560.g of NO2(g) is allowed to react.

2. Homework Equations

V=nRT/P where n=number of moles, R=ideal gas constant, T=temperature, P= pressure

3. The Attempt at a Solution

First calculate the volume of HNO3 gas that will be produced. then using the equation a/b=c/d
I calculated the volume required to dilute

.050L/1,000,000L = 292.808L / V

solve for V and I got 5.9 x 10^9 L
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Looks OK.

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