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Dilution of NaOH

  1. Sep 9, 2008 #1

    I know that dissolving pure NaOH in water will generate heat. But what happens when you dilute a 24% NAOH solution with water till 2%?

    Example: What is the DeltaH for 100 ml 24% NaOH solution + 50 ml H2O?

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    Dilution heats are tabelarized.
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    What's wrong with my method? I was asked to calculate the final temperature of the solution.

    Additionally, this is the method described by the company itself:

    http://www.pioneercompanies.com/customers/tech/data/naoh/DILUTION OF SODIUM HYDROXIDE SOLUTIONS.pdf

    What I don't understand is, the two curves aren't the same, or am I not seeing right? There is a flattening of the curve close to 0 % for low temperatures.

    The minima aren't the same either.

    (as for the enthalpy of dilution, I would substract the initial and end enthalpies with each other and that's the answer)
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    Your method is two steps , the actual method consists of three steps and three independent variables for a dilution ; first composition , water , and the desired composition.
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