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Homework Help: Dimension magnetism problem

  1. Aug 16, 2007 #1
    In magnetism ,
    mH = F, where m = pole strength ; H= magnetic field intensity ; and
    F = Force.

    F = [ MLT[tex]^{}-2[/tex]]

    Proof that dimension of mH = [MLT[tex]^{}-2[/tex]]
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    Can you figure out the dimensions from the units of m and H? What are you not understanding? You didn't really ask a question.
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    If you wish to proove from F=mH that mH has dimensions of MTL-2, just consider that mH is equal to a force, which is equal to mass times acceleration: M*LT-2.

    This is not as much an excercise in magnetism as in rather basic dimensional analysis.
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