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Dimension of the electric charge

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    could someone told me an experiment that ı can find the dimensions of the electric charge in therms of m, kg, sec
    the answer is kg^(1/2)*m^(3/2)/sn it can be found by assuming the epsilon zero is dimensionless
    please say me an experiment that i can check it :confused: :confused:
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    If permittivity is dimensionless, then from Coulomb's law, q^2/r^2 has dimensions of force. That's all you need to prove it.
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    Check out Max born's Einsteins's theory of relativity. He uses the cgs. system. e=cm(gm cm)^.5/sec. But what is the square root of a gram centimeter?
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    Hello Brian, welcome to Physics Forums.
    Are you aware this thread is over 7 years old?

    Resurrecting old threads without good reason is frowned on.
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