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Dimensional analysis

  1. Jun 2, 2016 #1
    this question is about dimensional analysis involving a number with units and a number with no units, if the question is already answered in another post please redirect me if not here is a simple example, for example, :

    say i have 2[in]-1. the 1 is dimensionless and the 2 has units of [in]. can I subtract the
    2[in]-1=1[in]?or do i leave it as 2[in]-1.

    this is not from a problem. i was doing dim. analysis on a sol. and ended up with this so i knew i did something wrong, but it got me wondering what to do in a problem that might be stated like this say in a multiple choice.

    thanks for the time.
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    Uh, no, you can't just promote pure numbers to dimensions having units on a whim. I'm not sure what 2 in. - 1 (pure number) even means.
    You can add and subtract only like units. Dimensionless numbers have no units, thus they cannot be added or subtracted to any quantities which contain units.
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    ok thanks for taking the time and clarifying.
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