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Dimensional knots?

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    Hey all, i dont know if this is the right forum for this but i think there is a branch of math that studies knot and i just have few questions.
    Today i was untying a knot and then i though, maybe it would be easier to untie a 3D knot in a 4D world (not time). Am i right? Since nobody can visualize a 4D dimention, so i simplified to 2D knot in 3D, then i realize you cannot have a knot in 2D, the string has to cross itself(entering 3D) at least once to become a knot.
    Then further, how much a higher dimention knot look or act like in a lower dimention, or does that not even apply? Anyway just few questions that bugged me the whole day, thanks for reading!
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    The branch of mathematics you're thinking of is Topology, or, more specifically a subfield of Topology called Knot Theory. And, I think, the dimensonality your thinking of isn't what the mathematicians are thinking of. I won't say any more, as I earned a C+ in topology. I'll leave it to my colleagues.
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