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Homework Help: Dimensionless schrodinger EQ

  1. Jan 21, 2008 #1
    Hi im new to quantum physics and i have been asked to find the dimensionless schrodinger EQ for a wave function it says sub in t = (2/ohm)*tor and x = sqrt(h-bar/m*ohm)z now do i just put in these values and diffreinchiate threw ? or is it more complex ?

    thank you for your time Ross Taylor
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    What does the Schoedinger equation look like to start? In particular are the variables already x and t or are those to be new variables? My point is that you can't just "sub in" (2/ohm)*tor and [itex]\sqrt{h-bar/m* ohm()z}[/itex]: those aren't "things" that you can substitute, just units of measurement! You want to multiply and divide your equation by quantities that have those units until you get the right combinations (and then replace them by variables).
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    how do u get the equation bit up ? its not h-bar its h/2pi but i carnt get the symbol for that if u could help me out by telling me how to do that ill re put it up
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