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Homework Help: Dimensions: Physics Question

  1. Sep 23, 2003 #1
    I've been having trouble with these questions, I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could help to explain them to me.
    Explain how many dimensions the following motion is taking place in.
    - a motocross racer rides around a hilly track
    - a curler shoots a rock down the ice, around a guard, and onto a button
    - a hockey player passes the puck along the ice
    - a golfer hits a slice into the woods
    - a train travels along a straight section of a track
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    Anything that occurs on a single straight line is
    1 dimensional, anything that occurs in a plane, but not a single straight line is 2 dimensional, any thing that occurs in a volume (not a single plane) is 3 dimensional.

    Does the motorcylist ride in a straight line? Does he stay in a plane (on a flat surface)? What dimension are we talking about then?

    A curler does not shoot the stone in a straight line (the problem said it goes around a guard) but does stay on the ice. What dimension is that?

    A hockey player passes the puck along the ice. That sounds like a single plane. Does the puck curve or change direction?

    Do you know what a slice is? That should give you the answer.

    A train moving along a STRAIGHT section of track. Well, that was a give-away!
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    Don't forget the dimension of time (and brane dimensions as well!)
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    Tom Mattson

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    This is the "Grade K-12 Forum", professor!
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    He could get extra credit... :wink:

    (Or lose a mark because the teacher doesn't understand...:frown:)
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    Thanks everyone for the help!
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