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Dimesonal Analysis

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    Standing waves on a string lab:

    Use the method of dimensional analysis to show that the unknown exponents in the equation below are:


    lamda = k ì^l ƒ^m T^n

    I do not understand this at all, I am not exactly sure what I am suppose to do.
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    Since the problem said "dimensional analysis", you are going to have to use the "dimensions" (i.e. the units for each quantity).

    Certainly before anyone can help you with this you will need to tell us what each of those symbols represents:
    What is k and in what units is it measured?
    What is i and in what units is it measured?
    What is f and in what units is it measured?
    What is T and in what units is it measured?

    And, of course, what is lambda and in what units is it measured?

    (Not, "what is" in the sense of what number. What does it measure: length, frequency, time?)
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