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Diode Barrier Potential

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    For a PN junction diode, am I correct in thinking that the barrier potential (due to depletion region and hole-electron recombination etc.) is the same as the 'forward voltage' quoted on datasheets? Also, when a forward bias condition is created and the applied voltage is greater than the barrier potential, am I correct in thinking that the diode will then conduct?
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    You've pretty much got it.
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    One thing people don't seem to get is that the conduction of a diode is a continuous exponential function.

    From the wikipedia article:
    "The diode is commonly said to have a forward "threshold" voltage, which it conducts above and is cutoff below. However, this is only an approximation as the forward characteristic is according to the Shockley equation absolutely smooth".

    The flow is exponential relative to the barrier voltage until it is dominated by ohmic effects at higher currents.
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