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Homework Help: Diode in parrallel

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    What would happen if u had a circuit that was earthed at a point and it had an EMF of lets say 9V. If i had 1 resistor and immediately after that i had a resistor and diode in parallel, would any current enter the resistor. My understand is that it wouldnt since once the diode opens up, it effectively acts as a conductor of 0 resistance. With this being the base, does all the current pass into the diode?
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    Chi Meson

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    Your understanding is correct (the diode must be oriented in the correct manner, of course).

    Keep in mind that we're talking "ideal" conditions. A diode is considered to have zero resistance in one direction and infinite resistance in the other. But in reality, nothing has truly zero, nor infinite resistance.

    There would be a tiny current that goes through the resistor in parallel with the diode, but it is mostly insignificant. So you are "correct enough" for basic problems.
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