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Homework Help: Diode output waveform

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    Sketch the output voltage as a function of time. The AC voltage source is [tex]V_{o}cos(\omega)t[/tex] with [tex]V_{o}[/tex] = 10V and [tex]\omega[/tex] = 2000rad/sec.

    I have posted a diode circuit question in the attachment

    Ok, I think it should be a sine curve with a 10 V amplitude but am not too sure about the period.

    What would the output voltage look like if the position of the resistor and diode were switched?

    Can someone help me with this please.


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    What have you learnt about diodes? What are they good for?

    As for the period, T , you must know that [tex] \omega =\frac{2\pi}{T}[/tex]

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    I have done clamping, clipping, half wave rectifier and full wave rectifier circuits. For the diagram, I think it is a cos wave with amplitude 10 V but have no idea why. I am genuinely lost here.

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    Can you explain to me step by step how I would go about reasoning as to what it should look like?
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