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Diode -> Plug conversion help.

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    So I have this lighting fixture that I'm trying to plug into an outlet. I took the diode and tried connecting it to and old phone plug. This didn't work.

    [PLAIN]http://img52.imageshack.us/img52/6803/20100608201408.jpg [Broken]

    I was wondering if plugging this into an outlet is even possible, and if so how to do it.
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    What you have is a fluorescent lamp if I see that rather large picture correctly.

    My advice is: NOOO Stay way from trying to light it. No way will you get it lit without some sort of ballast transformer. And from what you've asked about; diode? telephone plug? , you shouldn't be messing around with power. If you don't know what you're doing you could get yourself killed or start a fire and hurt someone else.

    Welcome to PF by the way.
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    If the fluorescent light is meant for 12 volts and the plug-pack (wall wart) delivers 12 volts, it might work. It still depends on the polarity of the input and output, whether it is AC or DC and the actual voltages.

    You have to match the output of the wall wart to the needs of the light. If it is supposed to run on 110 volts, then the output of the wall-wart will not be enough and the lamp will not light.

    Somewhere on the lamp and on the wall wart there should be information to tell you the voltages they work on.

    I agree with Digoff, though. If this is mains voltage equipment, you need to stop now and get someone else to help you.

    Incidentally, photos need to be a lot smaller than this and carefully focussed. Programs like MS Paint or Irfanview can reduce the size of a picture from a digital camera to 640 by 480 and convert them to JPG or PNG format.
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    Considering I don't know what I'm doing, I'll gladly take your advice(s) and stop.

    I just thought since my friend's florescent plugged into a wall, I could make mine do the same. I didn't want to pay an electrician because this is more of a temporary lighting situation. But its most definitely better than setting my house on fire.
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