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Diophantine Equations

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    I've always wanted to write an article for an undergrad math journal- i had a friend who did it

    and im kind of jealous lol

    ive programmed in python a simple program that finds and counts the solutions to a diophantine equation

    and I'm wondering if I found the set of solutions that determines when an equation

    f(x,y) is prime

    would that be enough to write something?

    Or would i just get laughed at ?
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    I would be very careful that the result is correct before sending it in.
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    ok thanks

    itd definitely take me awhile and id make sure it was correct

    maybe if anyone has other ideas on what i could try and write on

    i mean i only just finished 2nd year so maybe im getting a bit ahead of myself
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    There are a number of sets of diophantine equations where all solutions define prime numbers and all prime numbers have corresponding solutions, but afaik no one has found a solution for even one of these sets. good luck
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