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Homework Help: Dipole Moment

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    Dipole Moment!!!!!!!!!

    Ok I'm very tired because I've spent the past 50 minutes trying to figure out a problem that should take only 5. Someone please just take 2 minutes of your time to save me 20 more minutes. THis is a simple problem yet I cannot do it on my own, without my textbook and with what vague description there is on the internet.

    "The bond length of LiBr is 255 pm. What would be the dipole moment, in D, of this compound assuming an ionic bond?"

    I've tried using this equation of multiplying the charge of an electron by the bond length (in picometers) converted to meters. I got the wrong answer: 4.086 x 10 ^ -29.

    That is, I multiplied "1.60217646 × 10-19 coulombs" by "255 x 10 ^ -29"
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    Re: Dipole Moment!!!!!!!!!

    Yup, that's the right answer. Don't spend any more time on this; the answer sheet probably made a mistake.
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    Re: Dipole Moment!!!!!!!!!

    Edit Forget my comment.
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    Re: Dipole Moment!!!!!!!!!

    You calculated the answer in C*m units, but they wanted it in units of D. You need to convert the units.
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