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Dipole or folded dipole?

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    Hello there,
    I know that folded dipole is used ofr a good matching in antenna systems. Is there a freqeuncy range for them to be used more efficiently? Or can we use both of them in the similar freqeuncy ranges?
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    "efficiently" without a defined goal is a rather ambiguous term.

    If you are looking for information on antenna design I would suggest the ARRL Handbook.
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    It looks like the folded dipole has a little higher gain and broader bandwidth, but I didn't do much checking past this wikipedia page. My antenna books are at home at the moment, and I'm at work.

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    Any antenna with gain is directional.
    Depending on the requirements, this can be counter productive.
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    Welcome to Physics Forums.. You'll find lots of interesting discussions here, as well as generally helpful advice.

    Here is some additional food-for-thought on folded dipoles.
    ref01, ref02

    As far as frequency range goes. My thoughts are their characteristics are independant of frequency. Though lower frequency of operation (< 7MHz) translate to longer element lengths, which can be a cost consideration (you're virtually doubling the length over a standard dipole). Element stability will also become problematic (maintaining element spacing, wind-loading considerations)
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    thanks :D

    Thank you all for your quick replies, we are supposed to design a yagi uda antenna working at 2,5 GHz. I tried to find the answer whether i can use the simple dipole at this freqeuncy or do i have to use folded dipole. It seems that simple dipole can be used. Since the construction will be easier, i decided to use simple dipole...

    Thanks again to you all!
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