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Diprotons or dineutrons donot exist?

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    Can any one explain why diprotons or dineutrons donot exist,while a bound state of deuteron exist?

    Thanks for the help.
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    It depends at what level your question is. I mean that searches for dibaryons in general are still performed, because there are theoretical motivations. So telling you "those do not exist" is a bit partial...

    At least for the diproton, you can easily imagine that this bound state is extremely similar to the deuterium which (for electrical repulsion) is more stable than the diproton. So a diproton would decay very very very rapidely to a deuterium.
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    My question is in context of exitence of a bound state of two nucleons. A bound state of a neutron and proton exist similarly a bound state of two portons or two neutrons does no exist, that is what I have read? So why it cannot exist?
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