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Dirac Delta Funcation Problem

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    Q: Integral of Delta(x-b)dx and the lower limit is (-) infinity and upper is a
    Please help me in steps tried my best to solve.Note this is not homework I was doing the book problems or my practice
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    What can you tell if [itex]a<b[/itex]?

    What about the integral in the whole line?
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    Integral Problem

    Dear User
    Actually I am sorry to say that my integration is little rusty thats why just I need the first step for this question,Please if you can give it to me
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    Fact: [tex]\int_A\delta({x-b})dx=1 \textnormal{ if } b\in{A} \textnormal{ or } 0 \textnormal{ otherwise.}[/tex]

    That should be all the information you need. This fact should be fairly obvious to understand, but we can explain it in more detail if needed.
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