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Dirac delta function

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    Can I write, say, [itex]f(x) \delta(x)=f(2)\delta(x)[/itex]?
    Since [itex]\delta(x)[/itex] =0 for x[itex]\neq[/itex]0

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    I think you can say [itex]f(x)\delta (x-2)=f(2)\delta (x)[/itex]
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    Then if x=2, left hand side will become infinity and the right hand side 0.
    Is it Ok?
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    So what's wrong with my post in #1?
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    The integral of [itex]f(x) \delta(x)[/itex] over x is f(0). The integral of [itex]f(2) \delta(x)[/itex] over x is f(2). So no, they aren't the same.
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