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Dirac Delta Function

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    What does the Dirac Delta Function do?


    How do you evaluate it?

    What are its values from -inf to +inf?
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    Did google yield no useful results?
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    It did not explain the vector r
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    The vector just means that it is a function of x, y, and z.

    Beyond that, I would say that you should try a bit harder to learn about the delta function without just asking us to explain it. It is typically introduced in either a Quantum mechanics course or an Electromagnetism course. Griffiths text on both subjects gives a non rigorous intro to the delta function.
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    So are you familiar with the 1-dimensional Dirac delta function? If so, the 3-dimensional delta function is just the product of three 1-dimensional delta functions, one for each component of the vector ##\vec{r}##:

    ##\delta^3(\vec{r}) = \delta(r_x)\delta(r_y)\delta(r_z)##
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