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Dirac eqaution

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    Just to clarify in the dirac equation [itex] (i\gamma^{\mu}\partial_{\mu} -m)\psi=0 [/itex]

    Is it equal to [itex] (-i\gamma^{0}\partial_{0}+i\gamma^{i}\partial_{i} -m)\psi=0 [/itex] in (-,++++) notation?
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    No, for a repeated index with one index up and one index down, just sum:

    γμμ = γ00 + γ11 + γ22 + γ33

    You only need to use the Minkowski metric if both indices are up, or both indices down:

    ημνγμν = - γ00 + γ11 + γ22 + γ33

    or ημνγμν = - γ00 + γ11 + γ22 + γ33
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